What Makes Milwaukee Great is One of The Country’s Best-Kept Secrets. Let’s Change That.

DearMKE started as a way for all of us to show others what we love about our city. It grew into a film, twelve documentaries made by local filmmakers and a citywide contest that let all of us tell our story like only we can. We all know what makes Milwaukee such a great place. Isn’t it time everyone else did too?

Jack Turner’s Film

The DearMKE Film Series premiered at the Milwaukee Film Festival in late 2012. One of the twelve documentaries will premiere once a month right here at DearMKE.com.

Sharing Your Stories

All the amazing stories you create will be right here for other Milwaukeeans to experience. Your submission will help spread the word about our city. Share your stories with a:

  • Simple one-minute video made on your smart phone or other digital recording device.
  • Photograph or digital scan of a drawing, painting or other artwork.
  • Written submission such as a letter (salutation: Dear MKE,), short story or poem.

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